Aromatherapy is described as the use of volatile plant oils, including essential oils, for emotional and physical well being. At Pacific Northwest Bath, we are big on aromatherapy. As a matter of fact, one of our big things is, “You cannot have aromatherapy without aroma.” We find that too many companies are not putting natural […]


Usually on a Sunday afternoon you can find me either shopping or just lounging around looking at the internet with nothing specific in mind. Today I tried something completely different.  I wrested control of the computer from Hubby (most would know him as Mike) and went to work myself editing and listing items in my Etsy […]

New At Pacific Northwest Bath

I’m so excited!  For the past few weeks I’ve been working on something new to add to the shelves at Pacific Northwest Bath, washcloths!  I am hand crocheting each of these washcloths myself out of 100% cotton yarn.  These are soft and durable.  Stop by Grow Washington or any of our events and check them […]


It is now 2013 and time for a fresh start. I’ve already been asked a few times if I am making any resolutions. The answer is a resounding  “No.”  Not because I want to be contrary, but because resolutions are made to be broken. I have in mind not resolutions but goals, which are made […]


Today we spent the day aboard the Virginia V. In Lake Union in Seattle, WA. I always enjoy doing this market. We were four venders today. The local vegetables from Maltby, Chloe with her jewelry, Della with Uncle Eyal’s Hummus, and myself. We are billing ourselves as the world’s smallest farmers market. Dave also came […]

Back By Popular Demand!

You asked for it. . .We did it! Back by popular demand is our Pumpkin Pie Soap.  This one makes me think of Thanksgiving and pie baking for the holiday season.  If you haven’t smelled this wonderful soap yet, stop by to check it out.  

Shaving Soap Update

Thank you for all who voted so far! The results right now are in favor of lemongrass.  Poor Anise has not gotten any votes, and there was one write-in vote for Basil. If the results continue as they are, look for lemongrass shaving soap soon! Voting will continue until Thursday, November 1, 2012.  Hurry to […]