Brining Turkey

Hi All!

Another Thanksgiving post here.  This one is about the way you cook your turkey.

My turkey ALWAYS takes a bath in a brining solution overnight before cooking.  This process makes a very juicy and tender turkey and imparts flavor directly into the turkey meat before cooking.

A brine consists of water, salt, and sugar.  That is the basic brine.  To this you add your herbs and spices.


6 thoughts on “Brining Turkey

    • Kim, brining is not hard, and it creates a wonderfully flavorful and juicy turkey. Go to the Food Network site and check out Alton Brown’s recipe. All it takes is a container or bucket large enough to hold your turkey and plenty of ice to keep it cold.

  1. Hello, is brining like a way to add temperament to the turkey? As I am based in the UK and I think they name it differently around here. Great tips! Stopping by from the Blog Hop! Have a great week x A new follower too!

    • Not sure. You know we don’t speak English here. It adds moisture and makes the turkey juicy. Also it adds flavor directly into the meat. You know how the skin usually acts as a barrier to the meat absorbing any of the flavor from the herbs you put on the turkey.

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