The Holidays Are Coming

The holidays are almost upon us.  This is always a busy time for us.

I enjoy preparing to welcome the holiday and have friends and family over for dinners and parties.  My favorite holiday activity is decorating, followed closely by baking and then entertaining.

This year, we will not have quite so much family surrounding us, but plenty of friends will make up for it.  I am hoping to have a bit more room than I have right now so that I can entertain all of the friends that have been there for us in the past months.

As we were walking through the store the other day (looking for clearance Halloween candy), I noticed all of the Christmas items going up on the shelves.  I mentioned to Michael that I really missed Thanksgiving.  It seems that nowadays the stores are so busy rushing to get to the buying season that they are not stopping to give thanks first, like they should.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I am planning my Thanksgiving meal and thinking of the many things we should be thankful for this year.  Things to include being warm and dry, having each other when times are tough, and just being healthy.  I am looking forward to having a Thanksgiving before having a Christmas.

Michael standing in front of a snow pile on Mount Baker.

Let’s not forget to give thanks first!




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