Virginia V, Steam Engine

Picture of the steam engine (over 100 years old) aboard the Virginia V

Today we spent the day aboard the Virginia V. In Lake Union in Seattle, WA. I always enjoy doing this market.

We were four venders today. The local vegetables from Maltby, Chloe with her jewelry, Della with Uncle Eyal’s Hummus, and myself. We are billing ourselves as the world’s smallest farmers market. Dave also came by with the Taco Boat briefly.

The weather was nice, but rather chilly, and we all had a great time. We always have a good time on board this wonderful historic landmark. The boat itself is 90 years old and the steam engine is well over 100 years old.

Also in the park is the Lotus, a 1902 Edwardian houseboat; the Arthur Foss, a tugboat over 100 years old; and the Center For Wooden Boats. The new Museum of Labor and Industry is opening at the pier in December.

The park and pier are truely a treasure here in Seattle. We enjoy having people come down to look around the boat and just talk. Today was a social day, when we all stood around with several customers, venders, and volunteers just talking.

Please come down to see us! We will be on board the Virginia V for two more weeks. After that, I think we will be moving to the pier by the Center for Wooden Boats.



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